Nan Inc Has Carved Its Niche In The Realm Of Hospitality Industry Construction

Nan Inc over a period of twenty-five years has carved its niche and identity with rigorous hard work and efforts of not only the owner of the company but also the employees and staff. The company started as a very small venture and from there it escalated itself to one of the most potent, locally owned construction management company. It was started by Patrick Shin almost two decades back and since then the entrepreneurship has gradually made progress in the construction industry and has earned the reputation as a dedicated construction company.

Nan Inc Projects from the hospitality industry that deserve to be mentioned

# Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort Spa nestled in Kalakaua Avenue is one of the premier organizations that underwent renovation worth $34.5 million by Nan Inc. The renovation work included 1221 rooms started in July 2014. The toughest part about this renovation work was to get the job done while the hotel was fully operational. The team renovated two floors each week amounting to apparently 36 rooms in seven days. The renovations were undoubtedly complicated and high standard precision was required. Data and electrical lines were rerouted through concrete walls. Further, new tubs and tub plumbing were also installed. Drywall, carpet, tiling, and paint also comprised an important section. Total 59 rooms got worked as per the Americans and Disabilities Act and six walls were moved on each of the floors.


Nan Inc also installed custom plumbing system, Mincey marble and well-cladded walls of bathrooms including countertops made of synthetic stone as well as concealed fire sprinkle heads, huge 55″ flat screen wall mounted televisions and Toto toilet seats. The amazing part was that despite major works taking place for the renovation, the entire work was wrapped up in almost ten months or less.

# The renovation work of the Tapa Ballroom & Meeting Spaces, Hilton Hawaiian Village, at Waikiki was another major milestone for Nan Inc. The renovation works included demolishing chandeliers, carpets, including acoustical wall panels, and movable partitions that already existed. New chandeliers coupled with light fixtures, fresh movable partitions, new acoustical wall panels and carpet had to be installed. The installations also included an extra Fire alarm and Fire protection facility. This was a fast-paced project that operated on a 7-day working schedule.


# Lagoon Tower Sales Center Renovation, at Hilton Hawaiian Village, Waikiki on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii featured alteration of the sales centre for the upcoming Grand Islander tower. Work also comprised of sizeable scope abatement in one of the active towers. Unique challenges included logistics, existing situations as well as value engineering. The noise was a big issue in the active tower, and major adjustments had to be done. Existing plumbing system was relocated and it was scheduled in a manner so as to minimize the impact. Space was entirely altered without attracting attention. Site access was limited and solutions and materials for structural modifications were required.


With years of hard work and efforts to excel in their respective field Nan Inc., has managed to establish its brand in the local Hawaii construction segment.


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The construction industry, over the years, has made major advancements in terms of quality and the number of projects they handle and this is definitely a sign of economic prosperity. Starting from construction management to design build services and general contracting projects, the Hawaii construction management companies manage a broad spectrum of projects and this has broadened their scope of opportunities and expertise on the whole.

Kona Judiciary Complex

Nan Inc is one such brand name that’s known for its dedication and perfection in delivering the best solutions to their clients while maintaining the safety of laborers and employees and keeping the project within a particular budget. Having a complete team of experts, Nan Inc has become a reputed brand in the construction industry for almost two decades now. They have delivered countless site engineering, fresh construction projects, and renovation projects to go with the liking of their clients. Dedicated customer service and high-quality service are two most important factors of the company.

The Building Industry magazine, from 1999 onwards has ranked Nan Inc, continually as a top ranking Hawaii construction company among the 25 premier companies. Founded by Patrick Shin, also known as Nan Chul Shin, Nan Inc was conceived in Honolulu during the 1990s. Back then the company has just Patrick Shin and another laborer, shaping the face of one of the biggest construction management entrepreneurship that started out as one of the most humble entities. The company was formed with the intention to aid in building Hawaii’s grand and dazzling future. It aspires to use the best resources and excellent construction management solutions and has highly qualified technically skilled team of professionals. The company has a multiple range of projects in varying locations and strives to make timely delivery of each of them.

Their project portfolio includes a vast avenue where they have apparently handled every kind of project including the administrative department projects, aviation industry projects, educational projects, hospitality industry projects and historical structure restoration projects. Their project awards also include military housing projects, residential projects, and training facility projects.

• Kona Judiciary Complex awarded in 2016 is an important project for the company. This judiciary complex is housed in Keahuolu, North Kona in a ten-acre site and is intended to serve as a common court proceedings avenue for the entire Kona.

• The ARFF Facility Improvements at Hilo International Airport in Hawaii is another project that features 2 story building offering 27000 SF.

• A Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki renovation is a big budget project that demands extensive work on the part of the construction company. The renovation works began in June 2016 and all 568 rooms went for a makeover at the same time. This project was delivered within a close-knit schedule of 6 months and everything has to be perfectly taken care of within this span.

• The Wheeler Army Airfield (WAAF) project is a military residential project in Oahu Island was designed to accommodate apparently 404 soldiers and had to be crafted as a complete accommodation facility.

The Nan Giving Back phenomenon is another important contribution of Nan Inc Owner, Patrick Shin who has always attempted to give back something to society by helping the underprivileged and neglected people in the society while giving utmost priority to children.

• One of their big contributions was made to the “Kapi‘olani Medical Center for Women & Children”.

• St. Francis Healthcare Foundation is another organization that received a hefty contribution from Nan Inc as a token of gratitude for caring for Patrick Shin’s mother.

• Nan Inc recently made a major contribution to an organization in Hawaii that works mainly for children with troubled childhoods or coming from families below poverty line.

This is how the Nan Inc owner, Patrick Shin is keeping up with his name and fame and that too without any selfish interests.

Nan Giving Back: Patrick Shin’s Way Of Serving The Society!

Even after reaching the pinnacle of success, the humbleness of the Nan Inc Owner always kept him grounded. The Nan Inc’s 2nd rank in the Hawaii state and its various awards and recognitions never interfered with the charitable goals of Patrick Shin. He is equally committed to his business as well as his community works and leaves no opportunity to give back to the society. His constant support and financial aid to various organizations, orphanages, schools, and hospitals in and around Hawaii is a reflection of his generous nature, which states the goodness of Patrick Shin. Nan giving back is not something new in Hawaii; people are already aware of their charity services and have been benefitted from them in different spheres of education, recreation, and employment opportunities.

Adding to his list of social works there are a few more community services by Patrick Shin, the owner of Nan Inc that are needed to be highlighted here:

Nan Inc Sponsored 8th Annual Swing for Wishes Tournament by Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort and Spa Swings:  It was the charity golf tournament for celebrating the 80th wish granting for Make-A-Wish Hawaii, where 240 golfers spent their day of October 23rd, 2014 in teeing off the wishes at the 8th Annual Swing for Wishes Tournament. Patrick Shin’s Nan Inc was one of the sponsors of this event, which was being celebrated for the amount of fund that had been raised to help the children suffering from life-threatening medical ailments. These funds raised from the golf tournament are used for granting the wish of needy children who are deprived of good medical help. By contributing to this Make-A-Wish Mission, Nan Inc had helped many underprivileged children to lead a normal life and had also made their dreams come true.


The Nan Inc Owner Patrick Shin Donated $25K For Keiki: Recently Nan Inc has known to give $25K help to a free service, Kids Hurt Too Hawaii, that helps and supports grieving and traumatized children. In this way, the Nan Inc Owner and the team Nan Inc are serving and helping the needy children to get over their medical conditions with ease.


Besides being a philanthropist, Patrick Shin is also a spiritual person who always starts a new project with a blessing ceremony. He’s a god-fearing person and initiates his each venture with the blessings so that everything works well and turns out to be a great success. The Quad B Renovation project is the perfect example of his devotional nature which was started with the site blessing and groundbreaking ceremonies. This renovation project is known to be constructed with the best quality facilities and had been installed with high-end, long-term energy-efficient features like solar water heaters, highly efficient appliances, and center air-conditioning. All these installations have improved the quality of life of soldiers. And, such an amazing work of Nan Inc has made it the most trusted locally owned construction company of Hawaii.

So, both by way of his business and social service, Patrick Shin is helping Hawaii to grow.

From Sherry Shin: How It Feels To Be A Daughter Of Patrick Shin?

Everybody knows how charitable Mr. Patrick Shin is but the real worth of his humble nature has to be in the eyes of his children. It is important that his young ones acknowledge his good deeds rather than the whole Hawaii. And, luckily the Hawaii General Contractor, Patrick Shin has the modest daughters, who are very sober and decent girls. His daughter Sherry Shin has inherited most of her generous qualities from her father and is always thankful for what he has done for her and for entire Hawaii. Being well aware of the harsh childhood of his father, she feels proud of him being a top Hawaii General Contractor and the Nan Inc Owner.


When Sherry Shin got the chance to work for one of the charitable foundations, she was really moved by a kind of experience she had there. This made her even more humble and grateful for the quality of life she was living, which eventually made her more gracious and courteous towards her father’s charitable nature. Today, she feels contented and highly gratified that her father Patrick Shin sent her to work on a service project in Cambodia. According to her, without this experience, she would not have learned to value the little things in her life.


As a daughter of Nan Inc Owner, Patrick Shin Sherry Shin has enjoyed every luxury and used the best of things in her life. But when she was sent to work for a charitable foundation, which was sponsored by his father Patrick Nan Shin and the Rotary Club of Honolulu, she got to know how blessed she is to have born to this Hawaii General Contractor. She writes that not all wealthy businessmen send their children to serve the needy communities of other countries but she is thankful that her father, Patrick Shin did this otherwise she would not have known the harsh realities of the world.

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In her letter, she has written about the eye-opening experiences, which previously she had only read about. During their service project in Cambodia to Bayon Middle School in Siem Reap, to which her father Patrick Shin has donated $100,000 for the creation of classrooms, development of walls of a teacher dormitory etc, she got to know how poverty can be severe without electricity, running water, and having to beg on the streets. All this reminded her of Patrick Nan Shin’s childhood that even her father has seen such days. He also grew up in similar circumstances. It is her father’s initial hard work only that has taken him to this level today and this is what has made him so humble and generous towards people experiencing the same life as he did.

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She is pleased that her father Patrick Nan Shin gave her the chance to know these people more closely, which proved a lifetime experience for her. Today, she feels fortunate that she has got the best childhood and is also happy that she learned a valuable lesson from this project that has made her gentle like her father.

Patrick Shin’s Journey From A Common Man To Hawaii General Contractor!

All of us know Patrick Shin as a successful Hawaii general contractor and a popular philanthropist but only a few know how he reached this level. His journey from being a common man to a well-known public figure of Hawaii was not at all easy. Born in South Korea as Nan Chul Shin, he changed his name to Patrick Shin when he first moved to the United States just to fit into the American culture. His childhood was spent in a one-bedroom home with his brothers, sisters, and parents. He always wanted to live in the US and eventually made this dream come true by living with his older brother in New York and helping him in his fish business.

Patrick-Shin’s-Journey .jpg

But destiny had another plan for Patrick Shin. While living in New York he earned a scholarship for soccer by Bowling Green State University, which further helped him to go for his majors in business administration at the same university. This was the turning point in his life because without this he would not have made it to college for his higher studies. After this, he shifted to Hawaii and worked as a laborer for a construction company for almost two years. And, this marked the start of his successful journey as Patrick Nan Shin Builder. He started his venture Nan Inc as a one-man business in 1990, which quickly rose to 500 employees in 2010. This was the beginning of Nan Inc era in Hawaii.

With many multi million projects in their basket, Nan Inc was the youngest construction company of Hawaii, which later turned out to be one of the largest building companies in Hawaii. There were some crucial Nan Inc projects whose success gave stardom to Patrick Shin. From undertaking new constructions, renovating historic buildings, shaping up the office and administrative facilities, looking after warehouses and multi-family facilities to road and highway construction, civil utility construction, and Anti-terrorism construction, the construction in all these fields lead to the making of the Patrick Nan Shin Builder. This was the day and Patrick Shin never looked back again.

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Usually, when a person becomes successful, he tends to take pride in his work but things were opposite in the case of Patrick Shin. His each success made him more humble and grounded as a result of which he became the part of many charitable organizations and even started some as an individual initiative. It was his serious efforts, determination, and desire to serve the society, which made his venture Nan Inc as the largest locally owned general contractor in Hawaii.

Today, he is also a charity leader who has donated several dollars for a noble cause and is continuously supporting many hospitals, schools, food banks, healthcare foundations, cancer societies, and orphanages in and around Hawaii. This makes him a real man with a heart of gold.

With no fanfare and no fuss, Patrick Shin is not just a construction leader but a leader of underprivileged, poor and the needy. Certainly, he’s a true human away from all the vices!