Nan Giving Back: Patrick Shin’s Way Of Serving The Society!

Even after reaching the pinnacle of success, the humbleness of the Nan Inc Owner always kept him grounded. The Nan Inc’s 2nd rank in the Hawaii state and its various awards and recognitions never interfered with the charitable goals of Patrick Shin. He is equally committed to his business as well as his community works and leaves no opportunity to give back to the society. His constant support and financial aid to various organizations, orphanages, schools, and hospitals in and around Hawaii is a reflection of his generous nature, which states the goodness of Patrick Shin. Nan giving back is not something new in Hawaii; people are already aware of their charity services and have been benefitted from them in different spheres of education, recreation, and employment opportunities.

Adding to his list of social works there are a few more community services by Patrick Shin, the owner of Nan Inc that are needed to be highlighted here:

Nan Inc Sponsored 8th Annual Swing for Wishes Tournament by Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort and Spa Swings:  It was the charity golf tournament for celebrating the 80th wish granting for Make-A-Wish Hawaii, where 240 golfers spent their day of October 23rd, 2014 in teeing off the wishes at the 8th Annual Swing for Wishes Tournament. Patrick Shin’s Nan Inc was one of the sponsors of this event, which was being celebrated for the amount of fund that had been raised to help the children suffering from life-threatening medical ailments. These funds raised from the golf tournament are used for granting the wish of needy children who are deprived of good medical help. By contributing to this Make-A-Wish Mission, Nan Inc had helped many underprivileged children to lead a normal life and had also made their dreams come true.


The Nan Inc Owner Patrick Shin Donated $25K For Keiki: Recently Nan Inc has known to give $25K help to a free service, Kids Hurt Too Hawaii, that helps and supports grieving and traumatized children. In this way, the Nan Inc Owner and the team Nan Inc are serving and helping the needy children to get over their medical conditions with ease.


Besides being a philanthropist, Patrick Shin is also a spiritual person who always starts a new project with a blessing ceremony. He’s a god-fearing person and initiates his each venture with the blessings so that everything works well and turns out to be a great success. The Quad B Renovation project is the perfect example of his devotional nature which was started with the site blessing and groundbreaking ceremonies. This renovation project is known to be constructed with the best quality facilities and had been installed with high-end, long-term energy-efficient features like solar water heaters, highly efficient appliances, and center air-conditioning. All these installations have improved the quality of life of soldiers. And, such an amazing work of Nan Inc has made it the most trusted locally owned construction company of Hawaii.

So, both by way of his business and social service, Patrick Shin is helping Hawaii to grow.


Author: Patrick Shin

Patrick Shin is a popular name in the building industry of Hawaii, who rose to fame in a short span of 26 years. Today, his company Nan Inc is one of the top construction firms in Hawaii, which is playing a major role in Hawaii’s economic development.

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