Nan Inc Has Carved Its Niche In The Realm Of Hospitality Industry Construction

Nan Inc over a period of twenty-five years has carved its niche and identity with rigorous hard work and efforts of not only the owner of the company but also the employees and staff. The company started as a very small venture and from there it escalated itself to one of the most potent, locally owned construction management company. It was started by Patrick Shin almost two decades back and since then the entrepreneurship has gradually made progress in the construction industry and has earned the reputation as a dedicated construction company.

Nan Inc Projects from the hospitality industry that deserve to be mentioned

# Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort Spa nestled in Kalakaua Avenue is one of the premier organizations that underwent renovation worth $34.5 million by Nan Inc. The renovation work included 1221 rooms started in July 2014. The toughest part about this renovation work was to get the job done while the hotel was fully operational. The team renovated two floors each week amounting to apparently 36 rooms in seven days. The renovations were undoubtedly complicated and high standard precision was required. Data and electrical lines were rerouted through concrete walls. Further, new tubs and tub plumbing were also installed. Drywall, carpet, tiling, and paint also comprised an important section. Total 59 rooms got worked as per the Americans and Disabilities Act and six walls were moved on each of the floors.


Nan Inc also installed custom plumbing system, Mincey marble and well-cladded walls of bathrooms including countertops made of synthetic stone as well as concealed fire sprinkle heads, huge 55″ flat screen wall mounted televisions and Toto toilet seats. The amazing part was that despite major works taking place for the renovation, the entire work was wrapped up in almost ten months or less.

# The renovation work of the Tapa Ballroom & Meeting Spaces, Hilton Hawaiian Village, at Waikiki was another major milestone for Nan Inc. The renovation works included demolishing chandeliers, carpets, including acoustical wall panels, and movable partitions that already existed. New chandeliers coupled with light fixtures, fresh movable partitions, new acoustical wall panels and carpet had to be installed. The installations also included an extra Fire alarm and Fire protection facility. This was a fast-paced project that operated on a 7-day working schedule.


# Lagoon Tower Sales Center Renovation, at Hilton Hawaiian Village, Waikiki on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii featured alteration of the sales centre for the upcoming Grand Islander tower. Work also comprised of sizeable scope abatement in one of the active towers. Unique challenges included logistics, existing situations as well as value engineering. The noise was a big issue in the active tower, and major adjustments had to be done. Existing plumbing system was relocated and it was scheduled in a manner so as to minimize the impact. Space was entirely altered without attracting attention. Site access was limited and solutions and materials for structural modifications were required.


With years of hard work and efforts to excel in their respective field Nan Inc., has managed to establish its brand in the local Hawaii construction segment.



Author: Patrick Shin

Patrick Shin is a popular name in the building industry of Hawaii, who rose to fame in a short span of 26 years. Today, his company Nan Inc is one of the top construction firms in Hawaii, which is playing a major role in Hawaii’s economic development.

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