Patrick Shin’s Journey From A Common Man To Hawaii General Contractor!

All of us know Patrick Shin as a successful Hawaii general contractor and a popular philanthropist but only a few know how he reached this level. His journey from being a common man to a well-known public figure of Hawaii was not at all easy. Born in South Korea as Nan Chul Shin, he changed his name to Patrick Shin when he first moved to the United States just to fit into the American culture. His childhood was spent in a one-bedroom home with his brothers, sisters, and parents. He always wanted to live in the US and eventually made this dream come true by living with his older brother in New York and helping him in his fish business.

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But destiny had another plan for Patrick Shin. While living in New York he earned a scholarship for soccer by Bowling Green State University, which further helped him to go for his majors in business administration at the same university. This was the turning point in his life because without this he would not have made it to college for his higher studies. After this, he shifted to Hawaii and worked as a laborer for a construction company for almost two years. And, this marked the start of his successful journey as Patrick Nan Shin Builder. He started his venture Nan Inc as a one-man business in 1990, which quickly rose to 500 employees in 2010. This was the beginning of Nan Inc era in Hawaii.

With many multi million projects in their basket, Nan Inc was the youngest construction company of Hawaii, which later turned out to be one of the largest building companies in Hawaii. There were some crucial Nan Inc projects whose success gave stardom to Patrick Shin. From undertaking new constructions, renovating historic buildings, shaping up the office and administrative facilities, looking after warehouses and multi-family facilities to road and highway construction, civil utility construction, and Anti-terrorism construction, the construction in all these fields lead to the making of the Patrick Nan Shin Builder. This was the day and Patrick Shin never looked back again.

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Usually, when a person becomes successful, he tends to take pride in his work but things were opposite in the case of Patrick Shin. His each success made him more humble and grounded as a result of which he became the part of many charitable organizations and even started some as an individual initiative. It was his serious efforts, determination, and desire to serve the society, which made his venture Nan Inc as the largest locally owned general contractor in Hawaii.

Today, he is also a charity leader who has donated several dollars for a noble cause and is continuously supporting many hospitals, schools, food banks, healthcare foundations, cancer societies, and orphanages in and around Hawaii. This makes him a real man with a heart of gold.

With no fanfare and no fuss, Patrick Shin is not just a construction leader but a leader of underprivileged, poor and the needy. Certainly, he’s a true human away from all the vices!


Author: Patrick Shin

Patrick Shin is a popular name in the building industry of Hawaii, who rose to fame in a short span of 26 years. Today, his company Nan Inc is one of the top construction firms in Hawaii, which is playing a major role in Hawaii’s economic development.

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